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Congress Weekly – November 9, 2018

Written by Yigu Zhou

Edited by Behraz Rezaie

Last Friday, Congress held a meeting to discuss some exciting activities that are going to end the semester with a bang. So prepare to mark your calendars!

To begin with, the Coffee House and MariArt bake sale event will drop next Tuesday during AP. On this occasion, we shall anticipate lovely performances from a handful of Marianopolis’ artists in the Student Lounge. With lights dimmed, and guitars humming, the Student Lounge will be transformed into a cozy sanctuary where free coffee and tea will be served to the audience. So grab your friends and come enjoy!

Following up is the Cultural Week, where Marianopolis’ own fashion show will take place on the 20th in the Student Lounge. Participants will be strutting down the runway in their cultural clothes accompanied by their own fight song on amplifiers. Collaboration with the Photography Club is proposed, and students will have the opportunity to mark this event by taking polaroids at the Polaroid booth. In the context of the Cultural Week, Congress will be promoting the German Cultural Meeting hosted by our delightful German Assistant Teacher, Rebekka Heil, at the Anticafé downtown, for which information will be available on Facebook soon.

Then, Coordinator of Social Justice Elizabeth Hua proposed that Suit-Up Day take place before everyone gets too stressd to be well-dressed. Students are invited to come to school suited up on November 22nd. A similar competition to that for the Halloween costumes will be held for Suit-Up Day, where contestants will be uploading a picture of themselves in suit to the MSU Facebook group throughout the day. Whoever posts the picture with the most likes will be the lucky winner of a special award!

Next, Zen day will be held on November 29th during AP. As our lovely Student Life Animator Trudy Ste-Croix suggests, Phys. Ed. instructors Julia Scrase and Annie Jeannet will be giving a yoga lesson. A relaxation session in the Student Lounge with tea and healthy snacks will be provided by the Student Service. Moreover, therapeutic puppies will come in baskets to calm your hyperactive brain cells.

In other news, Congress will be organizing their own Secret Santa gift trade in the winter festivities.

The Student Council has even worked out what is going to happen in February. As presented by Meghan Couture, Congress will be organizing a Job Fair by inviting Marianopolis alumni who have chosen different fields of study. The event will be extended over two APs, with panel discussions given by invitees who will share their journey as university students or professionals. Congress is still working hard on the organization of this informational event coming up next semester.

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