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Congress Weekly – October 16

Written by Sarah Malik

Reviewed by Behraz Rezaie

Good Morning Marianopolis,

Last Tuesday October 19th, The student council held a Q & A session. This is the first time in Mari history that the student council holds an event like this. The students who attended the session were very engaged with Congress members and fully invested in the conversation. Here’s hoping that future Q & A’s feature more members of the student body and the same amount of positive energy.

During the event, Congress covered their agenda and released some new interesting information, one of them being the upcoming fair trade sale coming up in 2 weeks in collaboration with the Third World Studies certificate. Keep your eye out for the fair trade sale to learn more about neat merchandise and moral labour practices. It’s also been noted that the MSU app has been taken off of Google Playstore due to certain privacy policy problems. If you are an Android user, you’re currently out of luck, but don’t worry – the Congress is working hard to rectify the problem. They are also planning on adding some new features, such as a comprehensive and up to date list of free classrooms, so keep your heads up for that.

On a more positive note, Mental Health week is coming up and Congress is planning on holding some cool activities to promote a healthy psyche. One of the activities being held are relaxation sessions. Ms. Laura Tipney, one of the gym teachers, has agreed to hold relaxation sessions for anyone who would be interested this Thursday during AP. The first session is from 1:00-1:20 PM and the second is from 1:30-2:00 PM. If you have been feeling stressed, this is the time to take a breath and cool down.

Lastly, remember to check Omnivox consistently for a survey about the cafeteria so that you may voice out your concerns. There has been some difficulties with the mobile application, so it would be preferable to submit the survey on a desktop.

Have a lovely day, Marianopolis

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