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Congress Weekly – October 12, 2018

Written by Jasmine Liu

Edited by Etsub Worku

Greetings MSU!

To lighten your stress load due to the endless wave of midterms, here’s a recap of this week’s fruitful Congress meeting! First of all, the student body had a long discussion concerning a potential Halloween party. Congress summarized the costs that are entailed in the preparation of an event like this, and evaluated its pros and cons. After doing so, the decision was that they were more favourable on focusing their budget, time and energy on the organization of a bigger party towards the end of the semester. In this context, more people would be able to attend the event. On the other hand, many of us will be undergoing a second wave of midterm exams during the week of Halloween.

Besides a potential Halloween and Christmas party, Meghan Couture, our Vice-President, announced that there will be a Congress Q&A session this Tuesday, October 16, during AP. It is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed since Congress members will answer your questions, clarify what they’ve been doing since the beginning of the year and present some future endeavours.  This event is set up with hopes of resolving misconceptions and responding to some Facebook posts. With that said, mark your calendars, prepare some questions and stay diplomatic!

Furthermore, Aria Khiabani, our Coordinator of Internal Affairs, and Trudy Ste-Croix, our Student Life Animator, have noted the necessity of implementing an agreement between the school and students.  This agreement will be a formal contract that describes the services that are offered by Marianopolis to the student union in addition to what the school expects in return from the students. Congress has voted unanimously in favour of this idea and believes in the necessity of such a contract that is already in vigour in some other CEGEPs since it will solve multiple problems and misunderstandings.

In light of mental health awareness week, Trudy wants to organize a therapy session with Blue Ribbon dogs. Yes, you read that right! You’ll be able to hang out with cute canine companions to divert your mind from stress that stems from exams and deadlines. In addition, Wenhan Hu, our Coordinator of Cultural Affairs, is currently planning a fashion show with his committee where students will have the chance to walk the runway wearing traditional clothes to showcase their culture. This show will also be a fundraiser event for cultural clubs and charities where students can generously donate to encourage the participants. Moreover, Meghan announced that the Social Justice Committee is focusing on organizing a Soirée at Shaika Café in consideration of Remembrance Day. During this event, students will have the opportunity to recite poems, rap, etc., on themes related to nonviolence, and have a cup of coffee.

You should definitely get ready for some exciting events that are coming up in a few weeks!

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