Recap of Coordinator Debate: External Affairs

Written by Ceylan Borgers & Ricky Liu


Alexandre Ashkir

During Tuesday’s debate, it was made clear that Alexandre firmly believes his vast network of connections will allow him to properly fulfill his campaign promises. Alexandre stated on multiple occasions that his past experience in positions of leadership will allow him to organize many intercollegiate activities as well as “lit” parties. Although achieving affordable deals with food and services companies on Sherbrooke seemed to be popular among students, the vocal candidate stated that he does not have to directly work with companies to get good deals.


Sasha Ross

Sasha’s main campaign concern is to make sure the interests of the Marianopolis student body are well represented in congress. The first-year Honours student made it very clear she would carefully listen to the wants and concerns of students and work towards ideas that would please everyone. Her platform focuses on improving the cafeteria, getting discounts on food and creating a mentorship program between current students and alumni. Like most candidates, she would like to organize various parties for students. However, organizing tournaments, robotics workshops and art events are other key points she put forward during the debate.


Paul Mandelos

Paul would like to emphasize Marianopolis’ diversity by organizing unique events that would cater the interests of many students. He deeply encourages students to engage in new activities such as slam poetry, improvisation and the great Canadian sales competition. He also pushes for more mentorship programs with universities such as McGill and organize a week where guest speakers help guide students towards a career path by discussing about their own experience. It is no surprise that Paul also promises to throw parties throughout the year.


Christian Cebotari

Although Christian started off his campaign by stating he would not make any promises, he made it clear that he highly valued the opinions of each and every student. His main goal is to reach out to students and to get to know them. Christian would also like to create a bigger focus on charities and volunteering.


Jerry Zhu

Jerry has a strong vision for change, and believes that he is able to fully represent the student body after having consulted different students about their comments towards student governments. In his platform, Jerry often mentions the Coalition of Anglophone CEGEPs (COAC), and would like to improve it by granting it a legal status. By doing so, he can get sponsorships. He seems to speak knowledgeably about funding. Aside from COAC, Jerry would like to host socializing events, get partnerships with the STM, and be able to match the students’ needs throughout the year.


Camilla Djamalov

In her platform, Camilla promises to work a lot with companies and services, especially restaurants down on Sherbrooke to acquire discounts. She is planning to host parties with other CEGEPs, with the help of her connections and friends, and she would also advocate to give students the opportunity to tour universities in the US. Additionally, Camilla wants the student body to engage more with the student life. In the past, Camilla has worked as President of her high school Student Council, and she is currently able to speak 6 languages, including Russian, German and Mandarin.

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