Congress Weekly, Marianopolis News

Congress weekly – September 21

Written by Ricky Liu

Edited by Behraz Rezaie

Last week’s Congress meeting could be summed up with a list of students for each of the new Congress committees.

Also, Sophie Cao, coordinator of Charities and Volunteering, has planned an internship opportunity with Université de Montreal. Students can participate in health and hospital work in collaboration with the university, but spots are limited to 15.

Without further ado, here are the new members of Congress Committees!

Cultural Committee chaired by Wenhan Hu: Jasmine Gong, Chelsea (Qian Qian) Zhou, Hao Xiang Yang, Alexandre Ashkir and Zhi Ying Ge

Yearbook Committee chaired by Miao Chen: Yumeng Wang, Ying Chen, Jinna Wang, Layla Razek, and Ricky Liu

Technology Committee chaired by Miao Chen: Marlene Liang and Dmytro Romanov

Charities and Volunteering Committee chaired by Sophie Cao:Yutong Huang, KatiaBalhouane , KarimaKhaliq, Ying Chen, Chelsea (QianQian) Zhou, Elizabeth Youn

Social Justice Committee chaired by Elizabeth Hua: Karima Khaliq, Arash Soren Khosravi, Awa Hanane Diagne, Aliya Behar, Olivia Anderson, Jasmine Kotsiopoulos, Yutong Huang, Aria Khiabani, Meghan Couture, Mia Chen

Social Activities Committee chaired by Neil Cordingley: Louis Yoon, Rome Gildone, Juliana Malka and Muhammed Yahya Haide

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