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Recap of Coordinator Debate: Cultural Affairs

Written by Ricky Liu


Jasmine Liu

Without a doubt, Jasmine has a very consistent social media campaign, with content-filled posts every day. She is not afraid to showcase her platform and ask second years for help when needed. Jasmine promises a collaboration between the cultural committee and different cultural clubs at Marianopolis. She also wishes to implement a platform where students can share cultural anecdotes. Another big part of her elaborate platform is the installment of culture weeks, which will host culturally diverse food stands and native shopping centres where students can buy and sell cultural objects. In a speech, she stated that in a secondary five project, she connected with individuals who suffered discrimination and helped them. Finally, Jasmine’s background in Amnesty International, Model UN and more could aid her in better knowing the ropes of cultural affairs.


Heidi DeBargis

While Heidi has not really posted anything on the MSU Facebook group for both first years and second years to see, she did state some ideas during the debate that could be interesting. She introduced the idea of a Potluck Party, where everyone brings cultural dishes. Then, she wanted to host a “Culture Day”, which would ultimately serve as a cultural exchange event. Heidi has participated a lot in her high school’s projects and student life, in the aim of extending her relationships and meeting people of different cultures and interests. Additionally, she noted that at her old school, she noticed multiple instances of racial discrimination and she found it disgusting. While Heidi has not been the most vocal candidate on social media, she does have a max-size poster on the poster wall, and her ideas have been clearly expressed during the debate.


Wenhan Hu

Wenhan has shown his ability to communicate and convey his ideas through a series of regular social media posts. He is the boy with the poster on his shirt. Wenhan wishes to mobilize the residents of Westmount to interact and assist our club fundraisers. Additionally, Wenhan believes that he can summon his contacts from Oxfam and other charitable organizations to bring more cultural events into our student life. Finally, Wenhan wants to organize youth parades, cultural workshops, fashion shows and trips around the cultural metropolis of Montreal. His 2017 trip to Cuba has marked his vision on diversity, and he believes that we should embrace culture, and the residents he met there were very happy because they shared their culture.


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