Marianopolis News, MSU Elections 2018-2019

Recap of Coordinator Debate: Charities and Volunteering

Written by Behraz Rezaie


Sophie Cao

As a candidate for the coordinator of Charities and volunteering, Sophie hopes to establish a social media platform to improve accessibility. She’s looking to partner up with organizations while working on existing projects at the college at the same time. She plans to encourage student participation by focusing on the experience of volunteering and its enriching qualities and wants to introduce a summer camp oriented towards less wealthy families as a Charity the school could invest in.

Elizabeth Youn

Elizabeth’s main focus as a candidate for the coordinator of Charities and volunteering is to tackle poverty in Montreal by the means of organizing fundraisers during holidays, such as Christmas and Halloween. She expressed a lot of passion about the fulfillment and joy one feels after volunteering and introduced the Breakfast Club of Quebec as a charity she’s looking to work with to better the academic lives of children from less fortunate families.

Katia Balhouane

Moving the audience with her heart-wrenching story, this candidate has been doing volunteer work since the age of eight years old and is still consistently giving back to her community. She shared her passion for volunteer work on multiple occasions during the debate and explained that if elected, she’d organize food drives and blood drives, all the while working on better reaching out to the student body via mio on omnivox to seek out their opinions.


Zhi Ying Ge

Introducing a variety of activities and workshops that could serve as fundraisers, this candidate’s mandate is oriented towards health centres. She hopes to work alongside with various clubs relating to specific volunteer work and has initiatives such as a teacher talent show and dance workshops to help support her platform. Furthermore, she has already reached out to organizations such as Leucan and certain hospitals.

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