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Congress Weekly – August 17

Written by Ricky Liu

Edited by Behraz Rezaie

Greetings, MSU!

I hope your first days of school were exciting and productive! This week’s congress meeting – the first congress meeting of the academic year – began with a brief presentation of the newly released MSU app by fellow second-year student Chang Heng Mo. Currently, the application has two main functions:

  1. Congress members can post news articles about upcoming MSU events and projects. They will also notify students about any important updates.
  2. Students can submit questions, suggestions or complaints to congress. They can choose to stay anonymous or privately send their message to the Coordinator of Student Advocacy, Si Ming Lin.

The app, two days after its release, has gathered over 120 downloads. Congress encourages every student to download the app and enable their notifications!

Following the presentation, congress discussed the reward for Chang’s work.

Next, congress had the pleasure to welcome our beloved student life animator Adam Reider into the meeting room. He gave a pitch for the MOOSE camp (MOOSE = Marianopolis Outdoor Orientation Student Experience), which is a fun event that happens on September 21-22. During these two days, students can participate in a giant cross-campus game, enjoy a nice BBQ, watch a movie under the stars, sing and dance around a fake electric campfire, and partake in a cute lil’ sleepover. It will cost 10$ for meals and the movie. This camp has taken place before, and Adam wants Congress to assist him in terms of funding and volunteering this year.

Additionally, to show the movie, and to screen more movies during the school year, Adam proposed to purchase a license – without which movie screening on campus will either be very expensive or illegal. This will allow movies to be shown around school during activity periods, festivities, and much more! Congress responded favorably and enthusiastically to both the MOOSE camp and the movie license and allocated the necessary funds.

Furthermore, Neil Cordingley, our Coordinator of Social Activities, announced two Welcome Back events for next week’s activity periods: Hot Dogs and Inflatables!

Congress also discussed the importance of forming 2-member committees for Finance and Student Advocacy as soon as possible, due to the upcoming influx of club budget requests and students with questions.

In light of the recent displacement of the Congress room and student life offices (Adam, Trudy and Veronique) into the notoriously dark A-115 (AKA brown lounge), Congress members are eagerly trying to find some good lamps to brighten their spirits and improve their working capacities.

Last but not least, coordinator elections are coming soon! First years, get ready for a week of campaigning and pinning posters on bulletin boards – applications are due next Thursday, and campaign week begins on the Sunday right after, so get ready! There are also appointed positions available – visit for applications and more information..

Other exciting news: The cafeteria sitting area will be reopening this Monday, August 20! While the food service has not yet begun, we should all be very happy, since flocks of loitering students can finally have a place to sit and relax.

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