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Congress Weekly

Written by Rachel Watts

Edited by Camille Hamant

Hey MSU!


After another weekly congress meeting, it should come as no surprise to our devoted readers that the discussion revolved yet again around food.  And rejoice!  The ever-generous Congress is blessing us Marianopolites with more free food.  Free ice cream will be handed out on the front lawn on May 15th, and there is talk about offering even more complimentary cuisine.  As a last hurrah, Congress wants to organize a final event for students, possibly featuring food (duh!) and activities like a water gun battles or a dunk tank.  More announcements on the event are to come this following week.


Café menu updates were also discussed at the meeting.  The café will be offering new barbeque specialties during certain Activity Periods and will announce when it will be providing more varied options for lunches. The café will be selling a seven-and-a-half-pound cheeseburger and a veggie burger with a coleslaw salad for seven dollars (tax included).  It also hopes to run a pasta bar, also charging seven dollars (tax included).  On either the 10th or 17th of May, the café plans on offering a pull pork or chicken burger and a tofu ginger burger for eight dollars (tax included).  Stay tuned to find out the specific dates, plates, and rates!


The café discussion continued, as many students have recently expressed their concerns about the lack of healthy, vegetarian, and vegan options offered. Meghan Couture, Coordinator of Charities and Volunteering, noted that the café had started selling salads and packaged fruits but also mentioned its more bizarre food options, including $10 grocery-sized cheese packages and $3 wrapped, uncut cucumbers.  While students do want healthier options, Meghan Couture expressed that it would be more convenient for students if café staff could prepare certain items in advance.


David Cao, Coordinator of External Affairs, updated Congress on the UberEats deal and promo code.  The code, MSU30, is currently live, and students can get free delivery if they spend $30 or more.  Posters with the code on them will soon be hung in the halls.  While it is still in negotiation, students may be able to look forward to free coffee, provided by the delivery service, during the upcoming examination weeks.


On another note, the AGA, or Annual General Assembly, will be taking place this upcoming Tuesday.  It is mandatory for at least one club executive to attend the meeting.


The meeting concluded after Jia Rong Shao, Vice President, presented the MSU Club award nominations.  Every year, Congress nominates one large club and one small club (a prize….) that have demonstrated impressive amounts of participation and involvement.  The lucky winners will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

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