Marianopolis News, MSU Elections 2018-2019

An Interview with Ricky and Dima, by Camille Hamant

Elections 2018-2019

Ricky Liu and Dima Romanov have become familiar faces at Marianopolis over the past year. Ricky is in Arts and Science, while Dima is in Math and Finance. They have both been engaged in clubs such as MariMUN and the Debate Society, and have expressed an interest in school politics. In particular, Ricky believes that his engagement has allowed him to meet with a diversity of people in order to better represent the greater population. Dima points to his participation in the Cultural Affairs committee and his experience in helping with clubs and congress as assets that would counterbalance their lack of Congressional experience. As for Ricky, he says that his work with the student body leadership in high school would help, and that they offer a different approach to the other candidates and Congress members.

In their platform, they include adapting the shuttle bus schedule for state to by contacting the STM directly, if it is a possibility. They also pledge to discuss with staff and students to remodel the student lounge, making it half table space and half games space. Their club budgeting plan, which would give smaller initial sums to clubs and provide more for individual projects throughout the year, has drawn scrutiny for the bureaucratic headaches it might cause and for its impact on larger clubs. However, Dima and Ricky believe that it is feasible and stress that is would not impact clubs who already have a clear semester plan.

Unlike other slates, which promote the idea that 2 different personalities with a united vision are best for governing the MSU, Ricky and Dima highlight that their personalities are very similar and compatible. They point to their relationship in MariMUN and paint themselves as team brainstormers who achieve results through compromise. In this partnership, they hope to promote initiatives through social media more aggressively, while increasing transparency. This has certainly been on display through their social media posts; to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses, be sure to check out their platform on Facebook.

The choice is yours, so be sure to check out all of the candidates and vote wisely!

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