Marianopolis News, MSU Elections 2018-2019

An Interview with Eric Zhuang, by Ousmane Diagne

Elections 2018-2019

For those that have yet to meet Eric Zhuang, he is a first year in the commerce profile, graduate from a French Public high school in Joliette, on the South Shore. In terms of experience, he was at the head of the prom and after prom committee at his old school and did a lot of volunteering. He has also worked in the hotel industry as assistant manager. It is due in part to this new experience in the hotel business that he has decided to run for President; he has already done a lot of volunteering and finds that this position would offer him more of a challenge. As he stated himself “Go high or go home”

His platform is centered around the students which he considers to be the base of Marianopolis. He wishes to instate a new for of peer tutoring for students whose grades are so low that the Learning Center would immediately get them a peer tutor but that would nevertheless increase their current grade. He also brought up several other points such as extended library hours, a reformed STM shuttle system, the aid of foreign businesses to sell their products on campus; such as a Starbucks on campus. To learn more about it, be sure to check out his online platform or message him directly.

However, there are some issues that he will face. The first is that the popularity of the other candidates he must rival with is immense and may be a difficult overcome. Another issue will be that although his platform is focused on the students, it is crucial to also focus on the needs of the many because it is hard to please all the students at once. One message he would like to all the students is to make their final decision based on who had the best ideas and platforms was to be voted upon.

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