Marianopolis News, MSU Elections 2018-2019

An Interview with David & Alex, by Ousmane Diagne

Elections 2018-2019

David and Alex are two first years of Marianopolis respectively running for President and Vice President. They appear to be a cohesive team with a functional dynamic and they are usually in agreement; however, they have stated that they would be able to work with candidates from other slates should the election outcome send only one of them to Congress. David is the current Coordinator of External Affairs and has had a hand in many Congress initiatives such as the recent Uber Eats deals and the COAC party. Alex is a first year Honors Health students who has been active in student life since she’s been at Marianopolis, all the while maintaining her academic responsibilities.

Their platform is based around 3 pillars. Accessibility discusses things like an app to reach more people and be better than the facebook group which is currently filled with clutter and finding information is hard. They would attempt to create this app over the summer with the help of the Programming club, if possible; while this idea has garnered criticism from some for its usefulness, they believe that it would help Congress reach students. Opportunity focuses on building bridges for all students by providing internships and other opportunities to explore what could be their future careers or at least gain experience. Student Life entails making this school more fun with cooperation with the future Coordinator of Social Activities to organize more parties and more activities overall. They find themselves to be the change that this school needs.

While questions have been asked about David’s mixed record as Coordinator of External Affairs, he has tried to focus on his successful initatives and has pledged to learn from his mistakes. David initially said that his main weakness was his humility, but later added the following: “I am scared of opening up to people, and sometimes I am ashamed of the mistakes I make. Though I love engaging with others, learning from others, and sparking conversations, I have a rather conservative personality when it comes to my own self and I find it hard for me to express some of my feelings. Through working in social and cooperative activities, I’ve learned to improve and be more comfortable in opening up”.

Alex acknowledges that speaking in public can be somewhat daunting. However, she states that she is the type to overcome her fears and hope to someday give TED talks and make a difference, tied with her passion for sciences. She wants to do this in collaboration with others; in her own words, she wants to “incite innovation in others, in youth”. To read all about their strengths and ideas, it is best to look at their platforms and promotional events.

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