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Congress Weekly, April 6 2018

Written by Logan Stack

Edited by Camille Hamant

After the long weekend, Congress was back to work, with multiple pressing issues on its plate. During the productive meeting, President Ramiz A. Razzak worked to reach a consensus on potential steps to take to facilitate the transition following the cafeteria’s closure (wait, I thought presidents were elected to tweet angrily about Mexico and brag about being better than Obama?).

Terrasse: Party Like it’s 4873

With the end of the year approaching, Congress is in the midst of finalizing the location of its annual 4873 Party. Last year’s event occurred at Terrasse, and negotiations are ongoing to provide space for 300 students, while ensuring that there is an open bar with a selection of quality drinks. 4873 is the perfect occasion to escape the traumatizing world of R-scores for a night, and maybe even find your soul mate, only to forget his or her name the next morning in a cruel twist of fate.

Cafeteria: On a Positive Note, #NotMyCaf Was a Success

Many students have voiced concerns to members of Congress regarding the school administration’s decision to close the auditorium and the student lounge on April 9, and the cafeteria on April 12. The move angered many MSU members and prompted Montreal’s construction industry to say: “hey, at least we’re not that bad at planning” before promptly closing all bridges on the same day.

A deal between the administration and a potential caterer is in its final stages, while A100 classes will be converted into student spaces. In order to help students during the short period between the cafeteria’s closure and the caterer’s entrance, Congress unanimously passed a motion to provide food for at least one day during this period (a government that agrees on something? What is this witchcraft…). In addition, Coordinator of Communications Yisen Wang, will publish a post on Facebook to inform students of potential food options, while Coordinator of External Affairs David Cao works to strike deals with restaurants on Sherbrooke and food delivery services like UberEats.

Constitutional Review: It’s as Sexy as it Sounds

The biannual general assembly will likely be held on May 8. In order to develop and propose amendments to the constitution and bylaws, a constitutional review committee has been established. The members are Ramiz A. Razzak, Jia R. Shao, Michael DiGiorgio, Elizabeth Hua, Meghan Couture, Neil Cordingley, as well as one member who is not part of Congress, Logan Stack (who this not-at-all-biased author believes is very qualified for the job).

Elections: Will Vladimir Putin Decide This One Too?

While an announcement is imminent, the registration period for candidates will begin on April 9. Public campaigning for the President and Vice-President elections will begin on April 16, with voting ending on April 23. The coordinator campaigns will begin on April 30, with voting ending on May 7. Note that only Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates are allowed to run in slate. The MWR will be hosting debates for both of these elections (action! adventure! romance!) in order to ensure that students are properly informed about each candidate before casting their ballots. Furthermore, the bylaw regarding the makeup of the ERC committee was amended so that it will be composed of 5 random students who are not affiliated with Congress, as well as non-voting member, Jia R. Shao. This amendment can be made permanent at the upcoming General Assembly.

We have now reached the end of another Congress Weekly article; I would like to personally thank my millions of readers from across the globe. This week’s Reader of the Week is Dan from Denmark: Dan, thanks for supporting the Marianopolis World Review — you’re the fuel that gets us up in the morning.

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