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Congress Weekly- April 13th

Written by WenXin Shen

Edited by Camille Hamant

Hey MSU fellows!

Today we had a group of special guests: President/Vice President of Administrative Affairs candidates for 2018-2019 and the members of ERC (Elections and Referenda Committee).  The candidates in the running are: Elizabeth Hua as President with Adam Simatos as VP, Michael Murphy as President withMeghan Couture as VP, Ricky Liu as President with Dima Romanov as VP, Eric Zhuang as President and Marysa Sen as VP, and finally David Cao as President with Alexandra Mircescu as VP. The members of Elections and Referenda Committee were also determined: Will Biron, Maite Skowronski, Melina Thibaut, Yara Khrais and Simon Kidd.  With the campaign week beginning on Monday, April 16, Jia R Shao, VP of Administrative Affairs, explained the regulations and the schedule that candidates need to follow, how to campaign, and what to submit in today’s meeting.  Specific regulations are posted on MSU official website, and all the candidates who violate the codes will be penalized accordingly.  The ERC will publish a summary of candidate infractions on social media outlets.

After the presentation of the campaign regulation, David Cao, the Coordinator of External Affairs, discussed his plan to come to an agreement with the food delivery services Just Eat and UberEats cooperation, to compensate for our cafeteria gone AWOL.  At the moment, UberEats has pledged to offer two free delivery trials for each new user.  The deal with Just Eats is more attractive, especially to those whose UberEats ‘new user days’ are long behind them: the company is offering 5 dollars off of every order placed by Marianopolis students.  Just Eats will be sending Congress weekly voucher codes, which Congress will be responsible for distributing to the student body.  Members of Congress have yet to develop a way to efficiently distribute the codes, but they are unanimously thrilled to cooperate with both companies.

To all you party animals, you’re going love this next announcement: the end of the semester party will have an open bar!  For all you epicureans, you will be pleased to hear that the meal served will feature several international delicacies including bruschetta, salmon tartar, and equally refined tacos al pastor.  Finally, for the Instagram-aficionados there will be a skywalk, guaranteed to improve your feed and wow your followers.



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