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Congress Weekly-March 23rd

Written by Ousmane

Edited by Camille Hamant

Lend me you ears, MSU!


On this week’s meeting, Véronique Champoux was present at the meeting to discuss McGill Fest as they are recruiting students to poarticipate in the athletic event happening on April 6th where different schools will compete in various sports including volleyball, basketball, and badminton.  It is possible for students to participate in more than one sport, but, if they are part of a Demons team, they may not participate in the sport they practice with the College. The event will count as ponderation; all students with an aversion to the gym should go sign up for the event at Véronique’s office in A-100.  If the additional ponderation hours have still not convinced you to sign up for the event, participants will also get a free t-shirt.


On another note, with regards to the recent MSU-organized events, Congress was pleased to announce that they were a success. The MSU party was a great sucess and learning experience, as well as the recent PI Day. Moreover, the Shave To Save Fundraiser also went incredibly well, with over 4000$ having been raised for the cause.


Finally, the Annual General Assemble (AGA) will be held later in the year.  It is crucial that a specific number of students be present in the room (60) to pass amendments.

PS: We apologize for the delay, this was due to technical difficulties that were out of our control. We thank you for your understanding.

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