Congress Weekly, Marianopolis News

Congress Weekly- February 16th

Written by Wenxin Chen

Edited by Camille Hamant

Hello again MSU!



This week’s Congress Meeting started off with some party talk: Veronica Rodighiero, the Coordinator of Social Activities, is considering relocating the location of the end of year intercollegiate party.  For the moment, the ever-popular Saint-Catherine bar and restaurant, Kampai Garden, is the Student Body’s most requested fiesta spot.  Congress hopes to make a final decision regarding the party’s location before the end of March.

Discussions on the Dating Mating and Relating Fair that occurred earlier this week ensued.  The lovely event was a hit, and Congress decided that they are definitely going to organize it next year.  This was followed with more good news: Meghan Couture, the Coordinator of Charities and Volunteering is bringing the quintessentially Canadian delicacy, Tire sur Neige, back to Mari soil sometime in mid-March (if the weather permits it).  The details of this event still need to be finalized.

On a less cheery note, Congress chose to not renew Marianopolis’ ACF license, which that allows student and faculty to show movies to a group of students, for next year because of budget complications: club execs will no longer be able to screen films to students anymore.  All members of Congress came to the agreement that the ACF license was too pricy for the limited amount of films it gave access to.  However, the extra money will be used to organize other school-wide activities.

Good news struck again and got everyone out of their movie-less funk as Congress announced that it will organize a Moose Camp Part II. at the end of the year!  The meeting ended with the most important news of all: free pizza next Thursday in front of the Congress Room.  Don’t forget to go and grab a piece!  The MWR team wishes you a  新年快 – a Happy Chinese new year!

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