Congress Weekly, Marianopolis News

Congress Weekly-November 3rd

Written by Ousmane Diagne

Edited by Camille Hamant

Lend me your ears, MSU!


During this week’s Congress Meeting, Linda, the Coordinator of Social Justice, announced that the Congress Candy Bucket was so successful that they plan on continuing this initiative for Halloweens to come, indeed many students took candy. Furthermore, Meghan, the Coordinator of Charities and Volunteering, and her Charities Committee are being asked for compensation by the Jam for Justice Club for allegedly “taking customers away” by having their donations-only cotton candy sale the same day as the club’s bake sale and as a result, making more money than the Jam for Justice Club.


Moreover, David, the Coordinator of External Affairs, is working with COAC (the Confederation of Anglophone CEGEPs) to organize intercollegiate events such as parties, which Congress will abstain from participating in if they clash with the MSU party.  The possibility of organizing a “start of the semester” party is being discussed (the winter semester). David also intends on planning the CEGEP Games he had mentioned during his candidacy.


Elizabeth, the Coordinator of Internal Affairs, is considering rethinking the requirements for Suit Up Day, such as including a vibrant colored outfit in each picture to be considered eligible for the prize.  The prize itself is also being reconsidered; the victors may have a choice between several gift cards.  Suit Up will be held on November 14th.  A couple of days later students have another opportunity to dress up and participate in the Cultural Fashion show, organized by Yiwen, the Coordinator of Cultural Affairs, on November 16th.  A week later, on November 23rd is Ugly Sweater Day, yet another chance to wear less conventional outfits.


As Remembrance Day near, Congress has decided that they will simply advertise events instead of hosting their own, separate event that may overshadow the other events held.  As part of the Sexual Violence Committee Linda, the Coordinator of Social Justice, and Michael, the Coordinator of Student Advocacy, brought up the idea of hosting ‘bystander training’ sessions, who is someone that can intervene at social gatherings if interactions begin to derail.


Veronica’s end of semester MSU party is still in the works; they are currently debating on the size of the venue which will vary immensely depending on attendance.  Regardless, all tickets will be sold exclusively online.

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