Congress Weekly, Marianopolis News

Congress Weekly- September 29th

Written by Ousmane Diagne

Lend me your ears, MSU!

This week, most of the Congress members were absent because of exams (the dreaded Calculus 3 Exam), meetings with teachers and other obligations.  It was thus one of the shortest meetings I attended.  Most topics from the last meeting (covered in last week’s Congress Weekly) were rehashed since they had not reached quorum yet (needing at least 8 people) and were short one member.  The gym drawstring bags were discussed; the final numbers have come in from the company but the unit price is still varying as the more they purchase, the cheaper the final price.  Furthermore, the distribution of Costco membership cards to club executives was officially judged to be unfeasible as each card must have the name of a single person on them.

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