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Interviews with Your New Coordinators

Note: Interviews have been edited for length and clarity.

Congratulations to our new Coordinator of Charities and Volunteering, Meghan Couture, our new Coordinator of External Affairs, David Cao, and our new Coordinator of Cultural Affairs, Yiwen Chen! In case some of you missed their platforms, their ideas and their performance at the debate, we at the Marianopolis World Review have decided to subject them to a short interview. This is what we have gathered!

1) For students who weren’t following the election closely, what do you hope to accomplish this year?

Meghan: Generally speaking, I will try my best to hold as many fundraisers of various sorts as possible. I find that often nowadays, people don’t pay much close attention to charity work in and of itself, so I hope that by having inclusive and wide-ranging activities for charities (which are to be determined), people will become more aware of the world that surrounds them and consequently more inclined to contribute.

Yiwen: I hope to accomplish a couple of things (which I will double check for feasibility with Adam tomorrow):
1. Cosplay Day
2. Fashion Day
3. Food-making workshops/food parties
4. Band Concert and Art Exhibition/Film Night
Basically, I will try my very best to keep the promises I made.

David: I will be working towards the organization of many intercollegiate events from sports competitions, to artistic gatherings, to video game tournaments, to parties, and more. The idea is to satisfy the various interests of every Marianopolis students, so that everyone has the opportunity to participate in something they love. And the big project is a cegep games that will see cegeps across montreal compete in many disciplines in order to bring prestige and honor to their school. On top of that, I will be seeking outside opportunities for work and volunteering, such as internships, so that students can start gaining experience and some needed money. Furthermore, I will be working on establishing partnerships with restaurants nearby for exclusive mari discounts. In brief, I wish to serve the interests of marianopolis students, and work together with everyone to create a year like no other.

2) What did you learn from the campaign and from your conversations with Marianopolis students?

Meghan: I learned that people really look for an approachable and somewhat relatable figure to represent, especially for someone who’s going to be working with people a lot them (probably because it’s easy to trust and count on them). They’re also more favorable of having activities rather than actual volunteering opportunities, just because it’s easier and fun for them. Students are stressed out enough as it is, and they want activities that are engaging without adding to their stress.

Yiwen: What I learned from the campaign was that you really need to get people’s feedback and suggestions about your plans, and strive to do your best without any expectation of the results. You just need to do it. From the conversations that I have had, I believe that we need more interesting activities to get students to pay attention to different cultures, which is what I will try my best to do!

David: I learned how passionate people are about their hobbies, their community and of course their college. I was privileged to meet a lot of amazing, bright-minded students during the campaign, and if there is one thing that this campaign taught me, it’s that everyone has their own beautiful thing, something that makes them unique and special, and being able to interact with people and discover these unique traits is the most rewarding experience ever.

3) By what metric would you measure your success as a coordinator?(i.e. What is the minimum you want to have achieved to be considered successful)

Meghan: To consider myself a successful Coordinator (or for other students to consider me as such), I would hope that it would be measured on the grounds of what I actually accomplished (i.e., how much money has been raised for charity XYZ, did the students feel comfortable with me managing their contributions and would they continue their contributions outside of the school setting). The absolute bare minimum I would like to achieve this year is hosting one major food/clothing drive and to provide volunteering opportunities near Marianopolis. I also hope that students will like having me as their charities representative.

Yiwen: To be successful, I would need to get 2-3 major events done, have many students participate in cultural activities and receive positive feedback from the student body. I am open to criticism, as I want the quality of the events I organize to improve over the course of the year.

David: Success is definitely relative and subjective; at the end of the year, when everyone looks back and realizes how fast the year has gone by, or how much they will miss Marianopolis, that is when I will know that I have done a good job as coordinator, that is when I will know that our year has been a success. Concretely, restaurant discounts and big intercollegiate activities are the goals, and i will work tirelessly towards accomplishing them.

Bonus: What is your favourite type of cake?

Meghan: Chocolate cake

Yiwen: Cheesecake + Mom’s homemade cakes

David: Red velvet


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