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Congress Weekly- September 15th

Written by Ousmane Diagne

Lend me your ears, MSU!

Last Friday’s meeting was a special one: it was the first meeting featuring the entirety of the Student Congress!  After brief talk concerning unfinished business as well as elements pertaining to the general order, they confirmed the new members of the Congress Committees members.  Here are the results!


  • Abhinav’s (VP of Finance) Financial Policy Committee:
    • Jia R. Shao (VP), Ramiz A. Razzak (President), Conor Jung and Arneet Singh Kalra
  • Veronica’s (Coordinator of Social Activities) Social Activities:
    • Nicholas Salvo (Silver Key), William Walsh, Santina Conte, Sarah Frances and Bonnie Luk.
  • Yiwen’s (Coordinator of Cultural Affairs) Cultural Committee:
    • Jia R. Shao, Jackie Cho, Ruth Zaid, Dima Romanov, Jasmine Kotsiopoulos, Yiwen Chen, and Stella Maria
  • Linda’s (Coordinator of Social Justice) Social Justice Committee:
    • Amy Wang, Behraz Rezaie, Elizabeth Hua, Marissa Hatzigeorgiou, Neal Cordingley (Member at Large), and (yours truly) Ousmane A. Diagne.
  • Next, in Meghan’s (Coordinator of Charities and Volunteering) Charities Committee:
    • Bonnie Luk, Anika Della-Ciope, Chang Heng Mo, Sunnie Kim, Ceylan Borgers, Guillaume Bouchard and myself, Ousmane A. Diagne.
  • Finally, in Yi Sen’s (Coordinator of Communications) Communications Committee:
    • Veronica Rodighiero, Michael Mayer, Bonnie Luk, Lucas Blenkhorn, Zhen Yao Cao

Furthermore, the Coordinator of Student Advocacy, Michael Di Giorgio, is dealing with a psychological harassment case at the moment in which a student who accused a teacher of psychological harassment had to face that same teacher during the harassment procedures.  Our Coordinator doing his best to remedy this absurd and potentially mentally-straining situation that this student is faced with.  of the issue at hand. As the babyfoot tables have been outlawed, requests for a new ping pong table have been made. The proposition is being considered and, as of yet, there have been no objections made by Congress or Student Services.  Kristen Whitelaw of Student Services has proposed an activity to do in the coming weeks: Axe Throwing! Finally, David Cao, Coordinator of External Affairs, after confirmation from both the Marianopolis World Review and the Papercut on their cooperation, will now be contacting different restaurants around the school in an attempt to get coupons for the students, as he promised he would do in his mandate.

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