School Resources and Advice

Written by Ousmane Diagne

Although many of you may already be familiar with the facilities and resources detailed in this article, for the possibly lost newcomers, listed below are some of the essential places on Marianopolis campus that every student should be aware of.

  • Gym: The free fitness center available to all Marianopolis students.  It is located on the first floor at the end of the B-Wing.  It is a great place to work out, unwind, and blow off some steam.  Be sure to check out their schedule early on!
  • Counsellor’s Office:  At Marianopolis, staff and students place great importance on mental health. The Counsellor’s Office is a judgement-free place for students to talk about everything and anything.  Such an outlet is essential during periods of seemingly insurmountable and crippling stress.
  • Academic Advisor’s Office: Similarly to the Marianopolis counsellors, the Academic Advisors are also available to help and answer to the best of their abilities all academic-related problems and questions.  If you wish to, for example, change a course or apply to international universities, be sure to make an appointment with any of the Advisors.
  • Wayne’s World: This hole-in the wall shop, opposite the cafeteria, is unarguably the heart of Marianopolis.  If Wayne can’t answer any questions you have for him, he will certainly direct you towards someone who can.  At his student-run store, students can purchase cheap candy and gum, Marianopolis merchandise, and a multitude of other products.  You can even borrow money, umbrellas, chargers, gym shoes, and dictionaries!  Truly a must-know for every Marianopolis Student.
  • Library:  It hardly requires an introduction as the library is the place all students know instinctively.  It is accessible from the second and third floor.  Other than housing the majority of Marianopolis’ books and resources, the library basement is also available for group and individual silent work.  The main floor features the Circulation Desk where students can borrow laptops, reference books, and ask any questions to the librarians on duty.  Featured books and available desktop computers are also found on this floor.  The two upper levels (the one accessible from the third floor and the Loft) are both silent individual study areas where you are guaranteed to cram for at least three exams throughout your semester.  
  • Cafeteria: The buzzing, constantly full cafeteria is certainly the main social area of Marianopolis.  Students can eat their food there or purchase food from the always open stir-fry, fast food, or salad and soup bar.  In the corner of the cafeteria is the Quiet Eating Area which is a smaller room where students can eat quietly and study at the same time.
  • Learning Resource Center: This is the place where you will find the Peer Tutors, the Academic Advisors, and many more helpful services available to students.
  • TLT (Teaching and Learning Technology): From this small stall, located on the third floor, Students can borrow laptops, cameras, and other pieces of technology or equipment upon presentation of their Student ID.  The constantly available laptops become quite the lifesavers when a rogue drop of tea hits your keyboard destroys your personal laptop (many of us unfortunately speak from experience)
  • Gymnasium: Most gym classes will take place here.  It is located next to the Fitness Center at the end of the B-100 Wing.  It is open during the Activity Period play sports such as badminton and soccer.

The MWR suggests finding a quiet spot somewhere in or around school where you can breathe and calm down during stressful periods such as looming midterm seasons.  If the stress becomes too consuming, find somewhere where you can unwind alone, as a student’s mental health is a priority at Marianopolis.


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