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Congress Weekly- August 25th

Written by Ousmane Diagne

Lend me your ears, MSU!

During this week’s Congress Weekly, we got to meet the candidates for the various Coordinator positions: the Coordinator of Charities and Volunteering, External Affairs and Cultural Affairs.  This year, there are a whopping 19 candidates running for the three Coordinator titles!  There are four candidates competing for the Coordinator of Cultural Affairs position, five for the Coordinator of External Affairs position, and an impressive ten for the position of Coordinator of Charities and Volunteering.  We encourage you to meet these students (and possibly your future Coordinators) during the Coordinator Debate hosted by the Marianopolis World Review at the auditorium on Thursday August 31st during Activity Period (12:30-2:15).  If you are unable to make it to the debate, all candidate answers will be posted on our website,  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to truly inform yourself about the candidates’ various mandates.  Curious as to what to expect during this much anticipated candidate showdown?  Transcripts of the past year’s debates are available on our website.  


In other school news, the ‘welcome back’ barbeque was quite the success!  If you loved the free food then, be sure to keep in touch as to when Krispy Kremes are coming back to Marianopolis in upcoming events – more information to come!  As discussed in last week’s edition of Congress Weekly, the Fair-Trade Chocolate can be purchased at Wayne’s World for $4.00.  Finally, another Marianopolis party is in the works, though all the details are yet to be disclosed.

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