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Congress Weekly – February 3rd 2017

Lend me your ears MSU!

During this week’s Congress Meeting, our Student Council discussed things like the recent events in Québec city, Black History month, Carnival Week, the Student- Run Café and the Coffee House.  

In light of the recent events, Jiasi and Ramiz -members of Congress- have realized that there is no support system for the Marianopolis College Muslim Community after the terrorist attack on the Mosque in Quebec; an attack which caused 6 casualties. There will thus be a vigil held during this week as a collaborative effort between the Social Justice Committee, student Benjamin Rudski and the Muslim Association at the college.. A box should be available for students to write words of support and towards the Community at the event. All students are encouraged to come by and show their support. An event will be posted soon with more information.

On a related note, the Social Justice Committee wishes to, in collaboration with McGill University, participate in the letter writing campaign to Members of Parliament to suspend the Safe Third country agreement for refugees in the United States in response to President Trump’s ban on refugees from a variety of Islamic countries. These pre written letters may be customized by willing students and represent a step against the controversial actions of the Trump administration.

Concerning Black History Month, a potential collaboration between Congress and the Shades of Nubia was discussed. Indeed, they might hire up painter that does body painting, graffiti work and regular painting, as well as Gumboot Dancers. Also known as Isicalutho Dancing, this type of dance originated from South Africa.

Next, regarding Carnival Week, Congress wishes to hire a Caricature Artist on Tuesday that would work in one of the two alcoves. Considering the Valentine’s Day season a photo shoot might be arranged in collaboration with the Photography Club with props. Congress may also be distributing free candy and lollipops in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. The final event of Carnival week that was discussed was a potential Club Crawl for 18+ students, all clubs being within walking distance of one another.

The wheels are finally in motion for the Student-Run Café. The unsanitary conditions, steep prices, the unhealthy food choices and the lack of vegan options are only a few of the reasons why Congress is excited about the initiative. Considering the non-lucrative nature of the potential organization, the possibility of offering more than minimum wage for employees is compelling.

Finally, the Social Justice Committee has been busy organizing an event called the Social Justice Coffee House potentially on February 21st in the Student Lounge over Activity Period. The Coffee House will be selling food and drinks and providing entertainment. Proceeds will be going to important causes such as Women’s Rights, Aboriginal issues and more. Our very own Véronique Leblanc is responsible for the entertainment, and is the one to contact if you are interested in performing and showcasing your talent in any performing arts.


Thank you for reading this week’s Congress Report, and stay tuned for incredible articles coming up on our website over the next few weeks!


Written by Ousmane A. Diagne, edited by the MWR team


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