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Congress Weekly – January 27th 2017

It’s been a rough start to the winter semester, with a variety of cultural problems and devastating news, and Congress has been busy cooking up new events for the student body.


As many of you already know, January 31 is Join-A-Club Day at Marianopolis, and our VP Diana Di Iorio and VP of Finance Katarina Stevanovic have been hard at work coordinating this exciting event for both new and returning clubs.

In other club news, as was discussed in the club planning session last Thursday, our VP of Finance would like to inform all club executives that a member of Congress will be available at 6:00 PM every day to coordinate fundraising initiatives for the coming semester, as Wayne is no longer responsible for such initiatives. Make sure to sign up for your bakesales to have the opportunity to enhance your funding!


Working out too hard? Congress would like to inform the student body of a little known service provided at Marianopolis: our very own athletic therapist. If this news comes as a surprise to you, don’t hesitate to ask for Mme. Julie Bertrand. As a certified practitioner, Ms. Bertrand offers physiotherapy sessions for only $10 an appointment. Although she is not always available, Congress is now working on expand her working hours at the school for the next year to ensure the safety and health of all students at Marianopolis.


Registration has proven to be an issue before the beginning of the semester. Similarly, the purchase of books appears to have felt similar issues. Congress recognizes the need for change in these areas, and has proposed to organize a co-op library. Already present in some CEGEPs and universities, a co-op library will allow students to buy textbooks and course packs directly at school without travelling all the way to the Concordia bookstore. Keep in mind however, that this plan is still in the development stage – more information will be made available soon.


Finally, Congress also discussed plans for an increase in events for Social Justice and Cultural Affairs. As always, the goal of Congress is to enrich the lives of students here at Marianopolis, and members have been working on organizing new parties,  Social Justice events as well as coordinating sports events for soccer and basketball at the College. Get excited!


Stay tuned for more Congress News next Monday on the MWR website!


Written by MWR Marianopolis News Writer Yisen Wang, edited by the MWR team


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