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Congress Weekly – November 4th 2016

Last Friday’s Congress meeting included a number of updates and interesting activity ideas for the College. Mike Tadayon, Coordinator of Social Activities gave an update on the haunted house that took place in the student lounge exactly a week before today, including some damage to lent props; more specifically a skeleton used as decoration. However, overall, the event was a great success.

Julian, coordinator of Student Advocacy has composed a student rights document that gives a brief overview to the code of student conduct, the IPESA, academic rights, teacher’s rights, cheating and grade policies, anti-harassment and privacy policy at the College. The document will be posted shortly, although the student government strongly encourages students to read through the official, full-length regulations documents.

Some logistical details were also discussed regarding the College’s Open House Event, which took place yesterday, November 6th, including dress code and location for Congress Members. In retrospect, the event was very fruitful and allowed Marianopolis student involved in specific programs or certificates to meet future students.

Jia, Coordinator of Charities and Volunteering, gave some exciting updates on the outcome of the Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser, which provided a net revenue of 629,35$ that will be given out to St-Marie’s Hospital Foundation.

On a similar note, November at Marianopolis College has the themes of Movember (awareness raised for prostate cancer) as well as Veterans, with Remembrance Day right around the corner. Indeed, poppies can be acquired at Wayne’s over the course of the next week. We may also get a guest speaker event towards the end of the month to talk about Remembrance Day and Canadian Forces. Additionally, on November 11th at 11h00 am, the College will participate in a minute of silence, preceded by a spoken message through the school’s intercom.

For Movember, shaving kits, posters and more will be supplied by the Movember Foundation to the College, items that will be used by Congress for awareness raising activities.

Regarding the ongoing logo contest, a few submissions have apparently been received. Congress is still waiting on more submissions with a week left before the deadline, and remains interested in the option of not choosing one of the student submissions.

Discussion of now adopted changes arose about reform proposed for the ERC committee at the College. Overall, throughout the summer, many members of Congress voiced their opinion regarding the conflict of interest in the election process. Indeed, the ERC, the body that applies election regulations in election periods at the College, is composed of Congress members. The proposal included the appointment of 5 members by Congress that cannot be either past, present or potentially future members of Congress. The idea that a club executive for a club receiving more than 3% of Congress Club budget would not be able to be a part of this committee was also brought up, a proportion that translates to around 1000$. Both first years and second years could be considered for the position, with the exception of first years having only been in College for a few weeks during Fall elections. The importance of having a member of Congress or a liaison member sitting in to ensure proper running of the ERC was also brought up, and a fairly total consensus was come to regarding the idea of having the yet-to-be employed Congress employee take care of this matter by appropriating the position of chief electoral officer within the committee. Considering the long considerations this proposal has had over the past few months, this idea was passed easily by Congress, and will be implemented during the next elections season.

Anthony Koch also mentioned potentially giving more power to newly elected students towards the end of the school year, referring to his own experience of being kept in the dark before the beginning of this school year.

Financial matters were also mentioned, especially concerning how accreditation changes the way Congress must handle money. Indeed, considering the legal separation between the administration and the student union, is it now impossible for Wayne to take care of cashing cheques and handling the money made by clubs from bake sales. The solution for this issue could be very simple: Congress will have to purchase a safe as well as a few cashboxes. These financial transactions are also the type of work that would be handled by the employee once hired.

Congress’ Coordinator of Cultural Affairs is currently organizing a conference on the topic of hate graffiti on November 15th at Activity Period: stop by to learn about this unique art form and how it translates political and social messages. Also, the dance battle event has been in the works, with potential collaborations announced this week by Ramiz with dance clubs at the College. More details are to come on this interesting event happening on November 17th.

Trudy St. Croix has been helping out with Zen Day at Marianopolis College, and specifically has found money-saving price-points for masseuses for the day: all are under consideration by Congress.

Mike Tadayon also discussed some new potential projects, including the return of magician and hypnose professional Spidey, who happens to be an ex-student of the College. More details are to come on this specific initiative, but Congress agreed to booking him once more, especially after last year’s very positive feedback. Regarding the carnival that happens every year in the beginning of February, the team is still brainstorming on activity ideas.

Joseph, Coordinator of External Affairs, has been attempting to get in contact with restaurants on Sherbrooke for business deals, but has only received an answer from Mandy’s, a store currently not in the position to enter more partnerships.

Congress’ Coordinator of Student Advocacy, Julian Guidote has generated a survey to assess students’ impression of Congress along with other opinions the student body may have: this survey may be coming to Omnivox soon. This member of Congress also made more new suggestions during the meeting, including potentially selling unused coffee machines in the Congress room, and also adding an official procedure to each Congress member called “business arising” to look over topics covered in the last meeting, and enforcing the need for updates. A change was voted on regarding the printing of meeting agendas: more precisely on cancelling the printing of useless papers of the sort.

Anthony Koch has completed the composition of the student wellness committee; a body with the mandate of promoting and assuring the wellness of students at the College, whether that be mentally of physically. Members include myself, Keyvan Mohammed-Ali, Shijia Lu, Anthony Koch, Lucas Szwarcbeg, Mike Tadayon and Zachary Montzenigos, Fiona Hamilton and Connor Loeven. Potential initiatives include a seminar on mental health run and managed by students sometime next semester: a project that is sure to be interesting and promote awareness on the issue.

Stay tuned for more weekly Congress News next Monday, and good luck to all students on their last deadlines and on upcoming finals!


Written by MWR Executive, Véronique Leblanc

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