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Congress Weekly – November 25th 2016

Lend us your eyes and attention MSU, for what was most likely the last Congress meeting of the semester led way to a variety of important discussions.

During this week’s meeting, the first hot topic was the search for a Congress Employee to replace Trudy, now that she’s been promoted. The process of finding this individual is one that will be put in gears towards the end of the year, when the group will send out a public notice to find candidates.

Various ideas were proposed to attempt to make the transition between this year’s Congress and next year’s easier and more informed. The goal is to avoid having a group of individuals that are unfamiliar with the ropes of Congress, and that will not be left to figure things out on their own, which proved to be an issue for certain things this year. No final solutions have been voted on, further discussions will give us a better understand of what can be done to solve this concern.

After long discussions, the formation of the Constitution Review Committee, under the Coordinator of Student Advocacy’s control, has been postponed to next semester for what the body believes will be an increase in interest, lacking at the moment because of the final examination period. This body will have the mandate of reviewing the constitution, hence the name, and will make sure to take into consideration the needs and desires of all individuals at the College.

Next on the schedule was the creation of the Congress Office Hour Schedules for the next semesters. These office hours are created to ensure the possibility for students to come talk to members of Congress in person. This schedule will be made available when relevant, and the student government wishes to extend an invitation to all students to come discuss any issues they have with them during these hours.

Out of the myriad of changes our student government has in store for us, we may be witnessing the birth of a student-run café at Marianopolis. As this isn’t a company that would be based on profit, their employees may potentially make more than minimum wage, and a variety of food options may be available such as vegan or halal options. The only allocations for revenue would be the manager, employees and the food. This is an example of our Congress striving to give back to the student body.

Finally, the student right documents mentioned in previous editions of Congress Weekly will be uploaded to the Whats’up shortly.

Thank you for reading this edition of Congress Weekly. The MWR team wishes good luck to all students on their finals!


Written by MWR writer Ousmane Diagne, edited by the MWR team

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