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Suicide Prevention

In the context of the last day of Mental Health Awareness week at the College, I wanted to discuss something quite serious and potentially help someone out there dealing with these types of issues.

Some 2nd year students may know that I gave a TEDxMarianopolisCollege talk entitled “5 Things About Grieving Suicide” last April. From that simple fact, you can guess that I hold the cause of suicide prevention very close to my heart.

Therefore, instead of supplying students with another article on Mental Illness, I thought I would keep it short and simple on this Friday morning, and give you the link to one of the best organizations for Mental Illness in Canada: the Canadian Association For Suicide Prevention (CASP). On their website are a lot of extremely useful resources, including a few sections specifically dealing with friends or family that may be going through rough times, and dealing with personal suicidal thoughts: it is all there.

I highly encourage that you check it out, and maybe even consider joining the organization as a member for access to databases, better prices on attendance tickets to conferences and the possibility of getting more seriously involved with the cause of suicide prevention.



Written by MWR Executive Véronique Leblanc

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