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Congress Weekly – October 21st 2016

At this week’s Congress meeting, a lot of different subjects were dealt with, including Jiasi’s Social Justice Committee, the Congress Bylaws, the party, its budget and the revamping of the Congress Room.

For Jiasi’s Social Justice Committee, 6 students were chosen out of the 17 that applied: our very own Executive Editor Véronique Leblanc, Amy Wang, Linda Zhu, Fiona Hamilton, Kameel Khan, Lily Liu and Caroline Liang. Congratulations to these students for having been selected! We look forward to seeing the committee take action regarding a variety of different issues in and out of the College.

A few Congress Bylaws have been modified: those changes had to be approved by the rest of Congress. These changes include the removal of the Student Life Animator’s right to vote. Many other rules and policies were changed or removed, with one standout towards the end of the discussion.  In light of the recent situation with the impeachment petition for our vice-president, a motion was proposed by another member to force anyone who would like to repeat something of the sort to come and talk it out with the member of congress concerned. However, this motion ultimately failed. To members of Congress, it seemed unfair that if someone does not feel comfortable confronting a member of Congress their entire argument be taken down.

After the recent party organised, Congress suffered an 800$ loss due to an agreement (not a contract) that asked that more people buy alcohol at the party than the amount that did in reality. Still on the Party subject, Mike’s Party Committee will be comprised of 8 other members, the selection of which will be discussed next week.

To Revamp the Congress Room, Congress will be getting white boards as well as some new chairs and a printer. To prevent this printer from being used by anyone and everyone that wants to, an email printing system through Wi-Fi will be implemented.

Next on the Congress meeting agenda was addressing concerns and proposals of the Team: the matter of a second foosball table, The Fall Flannel Fest, the Anti-Bullying Campaign, Zen Day, The Fundraiser cohosted with Dasha, Movember, Canada Veteran Month, a Holocaust Awareness Conference, Open House, the Logo Contest and finally, Non-Congress Members in the Congress Room.

The second foosball raises some questions, as the direction of that money is left to be determined. As of yet, 60% goes back to the company and the rest to the student services. There were many questions, wondering where the money should be directed. In the end, Congress decided to keep the leftover 40% going to student services.

The Fall Flannel Fest (during which students are encouraged to wear flannels to obtain free food) was brought up as well. There would be a food truck and beaver tails on sale. Get your woodsman on!

Diana Di Iorio has been planning tentative fundraisers and multiple opportunities for prize donations. Among these are tentative donations from great organizations in the context of a potential raffle for Anti-Bullying! All of this is tentative, but members of Congress are all excited! Other ideas have come up for Anti-bullying, including collaboration with the ABC club at the College, and potential speeches!

Zen Day, a day for R&R has been happening for the past 8 years and this year’s Congress is planning to continue the tradition. It should be happening the 29th of November this year. There will probably be 3 massage therapists for 4-hour blocs and 10 minutes per person. Congress will try to get the best prices for them. Furthermore, we may be getting some cute puppies at the College! Trained therapy Blue Ribbon dogs will be coming in, which many students can pet at the same time without them getting agitated.

The Fundraiser with Dasha, a student at the College, will take place the first week of November, to support “Grâce des Enfants”, a start-up NGO that helps children in the foster care system. This can only be accomplished with the help of the Student Body, so get involved!

Movember is an initiative to raise awareness on prostate cancer, testicular cancer as well as mental health issues within the male community. Ways to get involve include the donation of money or growing out your hair for the month, something you’ve probably seen and heard of in the past. This event will be done in the same month as the Canadian Veterans’ month to celebrate our proud military heritage and salute all soldiers that have sacrificed themselves for the safety of our nation. Congress was thinking of arranging 2 weeks for Movember, and 2 weeks for the Veterans, to be able to focus on specific issues rather than both at once.

A guest speaker will be coming, still in November, to give a 45-minute speech about the Holocaust to raise Awareness for this historical issue as well.

Open House, which you probably know is on November 6th, will utilize Congress members to help potential students with information, greetings and more outside to greet the guests if it’s nice outside, or right inside if it isn’t. The Student Life booth will have a Congress Member there in the cafeteria to be able to give a real example of how rich the student life at Marianopolis College is. Volunteers are still needed for this initiative! It has also been decided that all club executives do not necessarily have to be present at Open House, even though they are encouraged to.

There will be a Logo Contest held to find a new logo for the Marianopolis Student Union with a 200$ prize for the winner! This is a part of Congress’ need for differentiation from the administration following our accreditation. This may only be done by Marianopolis Students, so don’t get your artsy friend from another school to do this for you! Get your pencils out and get drawing!

Finally, the matter of Non-Congress Members in the Congress Room was addressed. Apparently, some issues have come up with large amounts of non-Congress members hanging out in the Congress room. Last year, there was a rule stipulating that non-members were simply NOT allowed in that room at all but some of Congress has found that to be way too extreme and inefficient. All agreed that non-Congress members should not be left alone in the room without a Congress Member, and shouldn’t be permitted to leave their things there anymore. A limit has been thought of to perhaps control the flow of people, but hasn’t been set yet as it would entail choosing who enters or not. Overall, the issues with a significant number of people in the room translates to too much noise and a consequent exponential increase in the number of people. The members are thinking of discussing this directly with the concerned people, so as to settle this as quickly and neatly as possible.

That was all that was discussed at last week’s meeting. Stay tuned for more Marianopolis News and for Mental Health awareness week on The Review!




Written by MWR writer Ousmane A. Diagne, edited by the MWR team


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