MSU Elections 2016-2017

Coordinator Candidate Platform Recaps – MSU 2016 Elections


Mike Tadayonmike

Mike is an energetic and sociable candidate that desires an emphasis on the safety and well-being of students within events, conferences and activities he plans on implementing within the 2016-2017 school year, if elected. This candidate wants to keep in mind the opinions, ideas and concerns of the student population at Marianopolis and wants to encourage the student body to socialize, open up and meet everyone studying on the campus. Mike Tadayon’s platform strongly relies on the importance of connections and relationships, and as your next coordinator in Congress for the upcoming semester, he plans on implementing opportunities to build exactly that.


Ali-Mikael Sanji

Since the beginning of his campaign, Ali-Mikael Sanji has publicly expressed his strong desire to be your next Coordinator of Social Activities. This candidate wants an overall boost in social activities, and desires a student life that is bursting with excitement. Ali has in mind additional parties with new themes, informal or formal dress codes, and parties involving other CEGEPs. To include the ideas of a continuing society after graduation from Marianopolis, Ali wants to implement after-grad programs and activities, such as camping for Maalirianopolis alumni. Similarly to some other candidates, both in the Coordinator and Vice-Presidential and Presidential races, he has thought of an “Amazing Race” activity, wanting to implement this initiative all around Montreal. Additionally, this candidate’s platform includes involvement with NGOs and charities, which could also work in parallel with sponsorship and branding opportunities, as mentioned during today’s debate. Coordinating well with his energetic campaign, Ali wants to organize a variety of activities and events for the student body, such as ISaute/Trampoline events, Mini Golf, Karaoke, and more. Finally, this candidate wants to get involved with city events and bring large samples of Marianopolis students for fun representation of our vibrant population.



Jiasi Liu

Jiasi Liu has issued out a platform suited for the Social Justice Coordinator position for the 2016-2017 Congress body. The issues that she considers to require the most immediate action revolve around student involvement and equality jiasiaround the school. This candidate’s main goals are to generate an educational environment in which all students feel that they are treated fairly, and that they have a voice on whatever issue or topic they wish to discuss. On a similar note, Jiasi generally wants to raise awareness and enact positive changes in the student body at Marianopolis College, and to ultimately admire and inspire the diversity of the campus and its population. She plans on implementing these changes and empowering the students by opening discourse on social justice issues at Marianopolis, and Jiasi encourages us to do the same.


Cassandra Moschella

Cassandra Moschella is currently in the race for the position of Coordinator of Social Justice here at the College. As a whole, her campaign is noticeable through a great variety of cassieideas, which she desires to implement in our institution. Firstly, she has thought of speakers and guests, which she believes people want to attend, especially with program or certificate credits used as incentives. Another idea expressed by this candidate has been animal therapy with cats or dogs, to inspire a more happy and fun-loving student life. Cassie’s campaign also includes a multitude of partnerships with NGOs, including the Vow of Silence project, inspired by Free the Children: taking a vow of silence for a day, in order to honour the incredible amount of silenced child workers around the world. Additionally, Cassandra plans on partnering with FEM International to generate workshops on the topic of refurbishing old clothes and to promote more environmentally stable and ethical fashion choices. This candidate also has the voice of students in mind; she plans on bringing forth the ideas of both a mural where anyone at the campus can write down thoughts, ideas, words, and a collection of stories, including students’ written accounts of struggles, and possibly inspirational stories. Lastly, Cassandra Moschella shared with the MWR team her spin on the Terry Fox Walkathon, in which participants walk to raise awareness for sexual assault and rape survivors, which she would name Walk a mile in her shoes.



Osean Tian

Osean is a first year student at Marianopolis College and is currently in the running for the Social Activities Coordinator position on the 2016-2017 Congress body. His main goal and focus as a coordinator would be to stick to realistic and fun projects to enhance Marianopolis College student life. As a whole, if elected, this candidate strongly aspires to generate more cooperation between club executives, the Coordinator of oseanCultural Affairs and his position. Osean’s main interests being in the fields of fashion, music and dance, his platform and ideas revolve around the same topics, making for an interesting set of plans from this candidate. Lastly, Osean Tian wants to extend an invitation to the student body at the College to send him ideas and other activities students believe in, as he is open-minded and would love to hear suggestions and the voice of his peers.


Fatima Malikfatima

Fatima Malik, if elected, wants to focus on all-encompassing events, for all students to feel that events and activities are catered to their specific interests and desires. For athleticism lovers, she proposes an increase in tournaments, a Marianopolis Spartan race and other activities, such as Capture the Flag. For musicians, she plans on implementing open-mic nights and battle of the bands if elected. Finally, for those who have been wanting more opportunities for networking and community service, Fatima Malik plans on bringing back the volunteer fair, bigger and better than ever.


Nora Althani

Nora Althani, a persistent and ambitious student in her hunt for the elected coordinator position for the next academic year, has spent quite some time demonstrating her enthusiasm about the planning of upcoming school events, as well as student life at Marianopolis in general. Also centering her campaign around the position of Cultural Affairs Coordinator, she aspires to zoom into certain specific events that may not be as popular around the school at the current moment. For instance, she would be interested in initiating events such as Korean Day, in collaboration with Hallyu, a well-known dance club at the College that excels in artistic performances from its talented members. She noraalso promotes the initiation of a probable spring multicultural celebration-style event in the following academic year. Touching on several styles of springtime celebration practiced by various cultures, she hopes to eventually succeed in properly representing the numerous cultures present at the College. Promoting the slogan “Spice up your MariLife”, Althani is ambitious in reviving the cultural aspects of Marianopolis amongst its students in the upcoming elections, and is very much working towards winning your vote.

Aminata Baldéaminanta

Aminata has focused her campaign from the very start on the issue of cultural awareness in and around Marianopolis, and has issued out a platform with numerous ideas for this position of Coordinator of Cultural Affairs. Among these are some that focus more on increased student life; more themed parties after school and “Where did that come from?” quizzes, for people to test their knowledge and participate in fun contests. However, the majority of her ideas are related to culture. These include cultural art exhibits and fashion shows to showcase the lifestyles of certain communities around the globe. Her plan is to implement these kinds of activities during AP as well, to ensure maximum turnout and to make these events more accessible to students. Aminata’s platform also includes a culture-related solution to the problem that multiple students at the College have with ponderation: she believes these could be remedied with healthy snacks and dancing activities showcasing the styles of dancing of international populations. Her first suggestion for this category was folk dancing, a unique aspect of Southern culture rarely explored by the youth. Finally, this candidate plans on showing students music from different cultures during about an hour every week and also have the desire to project short movies from two or more cultures that deal with similar themes but are from separate parts of the world. Again, Aminata plans on bringing free food to these kinds of events. Overall, this candidate has proven to have quite a few ideas dealing with her preferred mandate.


Mariya Prokhorova

Mariya Prokhorova, an active first-year student at the college, has talked about the possibility of pursuing different roles within Congress next year, with her preferred roles being Coordinator of Social Activities and Coordinator of Cultural Affairs. She is pushing for more outdoor activities during AP as well as specially timed activities such as hiking or skiing trips, and an increase in cultural events at the college on a monthly schedule. This candidate also has an interest in expanding artistic events at Marianopolis College, including art exposition, photography contests, dance workshops, and an increase in Marianopolis College partiemariyas. Additionally, Mariya Prokhorova has expressed a desire in generating awareness for a variety of issues, such as mental health, cancer and environmental issues. On a similar note, this candidate wants to apply healthy environmental habits to our Marianopolis population for specific time periods. Lastly, Mariya Prokhorova is interested in helping students gain humanitarian work experience and to increase volunteering opportunities to which our student body may have access.


Co-written by MWR writers Véronique Leblanc and Bilal Gomdah

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