MSU Elections 2016-2017

Platform Recaps – The 2016 MSU Elections


Raymond Zuo

Raymond Zuo, currently in the race for MSU president, is a strong believer in the implementation of additional networking events for Marianopolis students, putting an emphasis on the strong foundation that an intricate network can offer students when attempting to further their career. Along similar lines are Raymond’s plans of creating mentorship, internship and shadowing systems in coordination with Marianopolis alumni for students truly wanting to build their future careers. raymondThis candidate also plans on increasing transparency within Congress by creating meeting recaps and records of MSU decisions available to all students. Among Raymond’s biggest plans, however, is his ambition to make MSU a legally accredited Non-Profit Organization, following in the footsteps of colleges such as Dawson, who have already implemented similar change. Raymond Zuo believes that this is a step forward for students to have more choice concerning important matters such as tuition or teaching methods. Concerning matters related to class work, this candidate for presidency plans on releasing Course Outlines prior to final class selection for students. His campaign also includes things like improved WiFi in the Gym and Music Wing of the campus, creating Gender-Neutral bathrooms for all students to enjoy, increasing and personalizing communications between clubs and Congress as well as making MSU parties available for students of all ages.


Stefan Stevanovic

As a whole, Stefan, if elected, plans on dealing with issues of transparency within the Congress body and throughout its interactions with all sectors of Marianopolis College. This candidate also wants to make free food events available for students, having seen their popularity in the past, and is a firm believer in a fun student life at Marianopolis. Stefan Stevanovic wants to create more themed parties and team-based outdoor activities at the start of thestefan year/in the beginning of Fall Sessions to promote friendships and networking with future peers. In addition, this candidate is planning on implementing a number of extra ponderation activities to make this task easier to students who may feel burdened.


Victoria Kalisky

Victoria, the only female candidate running for the role of MSU president for the 2016-2017 school year, believes her strong background in academic politics makes her a great election choice. Her tentative mandate includes initiatives that she believes will make life easier for the students at the college. These include Student vicFood Discounts on Sherbrooke that have already been arranged and prepared by the candidate, such as Dairy Queen, Yeh or Java U. Her campaign also includes a summer party to calm everyone’s nerves for the impending new semester for returning students. Similarly to other candidates, Victoria Kalisky plans on creating an Alumni Mentorship Program, for students to learn the ropes from successful previous Marianopolis student willing to pass down their knowledge to a new generation. Victoria also plans on bringing new and healthier options to the school cafeteria, for health-conscious students who may desire a larger variety of culinary options. As a very unique platform element, this candidate also plans on generating a Philanthropy Grant Competition for students who have a significant presence in student life at Marianopolis College and who deserve stronger recognition.


Nicholas Bailey

Nicholas Bailey, an esteemed Marianopolis student, has unveiled a truly all-encompassing campaign platform which would undoubtedly bring positive changes to Marianopolis. Nicholas is committed to re-engaging the student body and getting them involved in student government by acting as a platform for their ideas and concerns. As part of this goal, he proposes implementing anonymous forums for students to voice their ideas which would ultimately be considered by the MSU for application. Most interestingly, Nicholas suggests building apps to help students easily access information regarding college-wide events. On the top of his to-do list, Nicholas is advocating for improved Wi-Fi connection throughout the school. Nicholas’ campaign promises range from improving the schedule-making system, to reforming aspects of student timetables, and entering talks with the STM to improve access to the college via public transport. Nicholas’ platform will aim to reduce parking fees, extend gym hours, and design new activities to bring Marianopolites from all programs together. Nicholas has a clear and bold vision for the future of Marianopolis and is dedicated to improving all aspects of life at the college.


Yiwen Li

Currently serving as the Coordinator of Social Justice on Conyiwengress and numerous other school initiatives such as Free the Children, Yiwen Li is a dedicated humanitarian who believes in the value of leadership as an act that connects similar and different students together. He is the founder and president of a non-profit organization called Kids with Kawasaki Foundation and is running a platform based on happiness in students. He also plans on generally increasing the allocation of the MSU budget to clubs around the school. This candidate desires the creation of a more structured community system at Marianopolis. Other platform ideas include textbook renting services and longer fitness center hours to cater to every student’s courses, schedule and workload. Notably, he also looks forward to extend the importance on awareness campaigns for mental health, LGBT rights, and women’s rights within the confines of the campus. He plans on inviting motivational speakers to talk to students each semester and emphasizes on the need for better communication and school spirit through “Month-In Review” videos, social events such as MariGames, parties, and coffeehouses . Overall Yiwen stresses the fact that he loves helping people, his desire to create a more structured community and wants to ensure that his peers are happy.

Anthony Koch
A club member of Silver Key, Model United Nations, YEBC and other school initiatives, Anthony has had an interest for politics and the MSU presidential position for a long while. Some of this candidate’s main initiatives include gender-neutral bathrooms on kochcampus, increased availability of first aid resources on campus through the presence of a nurse 5 days a week, and more support and awareness for mental illness. This candidate, similarly to a few others, also plans on revamping the student lounge and on creating more alumni networking events for all students to plan and build their future during their Marianopolis careers. On a related note, Anthony wants to pursue mentorship and internship programs for the college’s students. Most notably, Anthony Koch is planning on implementing change within any Congress-related communications as well as the Hub system the school currently uses. In his opinion, this would be incredibly useful for club executives, who require important information that isn’t always available at the drop of a hat. Congress updates delivered to students are also to be expected from the election of this candidate. Lastly, Anthony plans on accrediting the Marianopolis Student Union to acquire more power and better representation of the student body.


Keeyan Ravanshid

Keeyan, an outgoing and dedicated student who is currently serving on Congress, is in the race to be your next President. His elaborate policies, which he believes will improve life at Marianopolis, are a testament to his involvement in the college and the concerns he shares with many in the student body. To increase transparency, Keeyan proposes the establishment keeyanof a procedural committee with rotating members from the general public. As well, he will create new positions, like auditor-general and social media specialist, which will serve to encourage accountability and increase involvement from regular students in the matters of Congress. Furthermore in this respect, Keeyan will make public individual members’ expense reports and minutes from the weekly meetings of congress. Finally, Keeyan seeks to reform and make more efficient the club budget request process and fund a major renovation project for the Student Lounge. Keeyan’s platform is bold and he wishes that the students of Marianopolis join him in creating these changes.



Jie Mei

Jie Mei, executive for the Chinese Student Association (CSA), strongly believes in an increase of communications among the Congress body and in transmission to the students at the college. Ideally, she would innovate a new unified online platform to get feedback from students and expose Congress activity and updates. Jie also plans on changing the way Congress looks at clubs, wanting an increase in communication and sensitivity for club funding and club activity advertisement. Her platform also inclujie meides renovation plans for the student lounge; this candidate wants to purchase new furniture, such as bean bag chairs or newer tables, and to find new ways of utilizing the space for artistic purposes. If elected, Jie Mei plans on extending cafeteria hours generating more ponderation opportunities or sports-related activities and removing age restrictions from Marianopolis parties.



Diana Di Ioriodiana

Diana Di Iorio, currrently a member of Congress, is aiming for fun in Marianopolis Student Life. While some of her ideas come from practicality, such as an increase in ponderation activities, she strongly believes in parties available to all students, to allow all to unwind, and wants to implement activities such as the MariAMAZING Race or
Inter-Program competitions. Her campaign also consists of free food, an ideology shared with a few other candidates. Among her
mission stands Diana’s Free Food Fridays plan, which students are surely excited to see put into action. Diana Di Iorio prides herself on listening to students and on recommending policies and changes within Congress that are shared by the majority of her peers.


Tiffany Habelrih

Tiffany Habelrih is running a dynamic campaign composed of many outdoors and green initiatives to promote activity for the Marianopolis population. She wants to encourage students to utilize green spaces provided by our campus, implement outdoors equipment rental services and creating a community garden in the courtyard at Marianopolis. Similarly to a few other candidates, exposing the strontiffg desire for reform alike, Tiffany has the intention of changing the student lounge by adding more comfortable seating such as bean bag chairs. This is an initiative she also plans on bringing to the different study locations around the campus. This candidate also wants to generate rental services for games and entertainment without the involvement of clubs for any Marianopolis student to enjoy. In overlap with many of her peers, she wants to cater to the significant demand of all-inclusive MSU parties through the introduction of a bracelet system. Additionally, Tiffany Habelrih wants to include  students in party-related decisions, allowing the Marianopolis population to get parties that reflect their desires.


Grace Ligrace

Grace Li, currently running for VP of MSU, has developed an energetic campaign based on the fundamental values of inclusion and transparency. She is pushing an agenda which will work to enhance student mental and physical health. Grace’s initiatives strive for a more accommodative counselling service for students facing the stigmas related to mental illness. Furthermore, Grace is aiming to provide her constituents with an on-campus nurse to reinforce student safety at the college. Beyond this, she is committed to restoring student government transparency by establishing easily accessible means to communicate directly with Congress. Grace truly believes in having as many students involved in decision making as possible. Finally, Grace proposes increasing student networking opportunities to ensure Marianopolis students enter the workforce with the connections they need to be successful. She will do this by contacting Marianopolis alumni who would be invited to share what they have learned with the student body. It is clear that Grace’s platform offers significant reforms which should be considered by all voters on election day.

Co-written by MWR writers Véronique Leblanc and Yanni Stavrakis




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