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There are two sides to every story.

Archive of a Shut-In

Haoyang Wang, Kevin Yu: when thighs supersede stats-The Brilliancy of Genshin Impact


Written by Haoyang Wang and Kevin Yu Edited by Bhromor Rahman Hey, you! What is ‘‘Genshin Impact’’ you ask?If you have no idea, then your wi-fi either stopped working since September or Dwayne Johnson is living on the floor above you. Let me enlighten …


Huanan Liao: Illuminati CONFIRMED!


Written by Huanan LiaoEdited by Daniel Yu The global contextSince COVID-19 first appeared in early January, it has been spreading across the globe and wreaking havoc in numerous communities unabated. Now the global pandemic has already claimed more than a million human lives, infected …


Emma Westenberg: The COVID Globetrotter


Written by Emma WestenbergEdited by Bhromor Rahman I miss flight attendants. Their spotless uniforms, relentless smile, and incredible performances during takeoff bring comfort to passengers of all nations. However, apple juice demand is lower these days, considering the pandemic. To my regret, it is …


Fiona Tan: The Divided-States of America


Written by Fiona TanEdited by Bhromor Rahman In a time when the country needs a sense of unity, a presidential election comes to divide it. American Republicans and Democrats alike are undergoing a polarization that has reached a boiling point with drastic consequences.  For …